We deliver excellence, nothing less.

Not only are we committed to a successful design and build process, we are also committed to full implementation and customer care. Mother nature and human factor can damage even the best equipment on a boat, but luckily, with our expert team, the right tools and knowledge, almost any repair can be done. We also place emphasis on regular inspection and service that extend the life of awnings, cushions, sails and covers.

Therefore, we offer a wide range of services to our clients:

  • 01

    Each product is thoroughly inspected before repair and the degree of damage is determined.

  • 02
    Full service

    Only a professional, reliable and extensive repair guarantees the complete correctness of a product. Speed and quality are imperative when it comes to repairs.

  • 03
    Installation and removal of awnings and sails

    Proper installation and removal of awnings and sails are one of the most important factors in order to preserve and protect products and vessels.

  • 04

    Everything in life requires a little maintenance to keep it looking like new, and awnings are no exception. Washing the awning regularly with clean water to remove dirt, cleaning with mild soap and a soft-bristled brush, and rinsing thoroughly also prolongs the life of the products.

  • 05

    In addition to our winter service, we also offer year-round storage in dedicated premises under strictly controlled conditions.

Guarantee & Customer Care

We build relationships with our clients on trust and always stand behind our agreements and promises.

Our goal is always complete satisfaction and that is why we are committed to doing the job right through to the end. But after installing the product, only one part of our job is done and another, equally important part begins; guaranteed maintenance and regular product controls on the vessel.

This service is recognized and appreciated by all of our clients, and their feedback is very important to us, as this is how we improve our products and service.

Custom-made products

Individual approach, personalized design, state-of-the-art solutions.

Sophisticated technology & service

Highly qualified specialists, high production standards, first class service.

Top quality materials

Full range of printed, textured and plain fabrics, the timeless style, exceptional quality.


Merry Chrismas and happy New year 2024.

Dear clients, partners and friends,   we look back on an exciting, challenging and very successful year, which we were able to handle together thanks to your help and partnership. We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have...